Some how, I picked up the idea that Christ changed Saul’s name at his conversion on the Damascus Road. Shocker! No, that did not happen! (Acts 9:4)

In fact, even Ananias who ministered to Saul after his Damascus Experience, continues to call him Saul. There is no mention of any name change. (Acts 9:17) The Holy Spirit calls him Saul even as he sets out on his first mission trip! (Acts 13:2)

After his momentous conversion experience, he is called ‘Saul’ at least eleven more times. Note Acts 13:9. Then Saul, who was also called Paul. It seems that Saul was known by both names.

Finally, Luke uses the name, Paul in Acts 13:13. Saul is Paul’s Hebrew name, while Paul is his Greek name, from the Latin word, Paulus. This was a common practice at the time. Even Paul notes in Acts 26:14, that at his conversion the Lord spoke to him in Hebrew, using his Hebrew name, Saul.

This might seem a picky thing, but if we do not get the small details right, when they are in right in front of our eyes, what else do we misinterpret in the scriptures?

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