So You Think God Doesn’t Know

My iron was done for. Wait. Do I have to explain what an iron is? Are we all on the same page? Okay then. My iron simply wore out. The last time I used it, I thought, “Well I will have to do something about that, I guess.”

A few days later, a neighbour called to say that she had something for me. Do you know what it was? Two… count ‘em! TWO brand new irons, still in their boxes. One was a regular steam iron and the other a miniature craft iron, a kind I had always wanted!

Oh the joy! Not because I had two new irons, but because God once again proved to me that he liberally supplies all our needs! (Remember? Two irons when one would have been glorious!)

I am sure you are saying “God please don’t give me an iron because then I will feel obligated to use it!” He won’t give you what you don’t need, unless he needs you to be a pass over; a person who passes over what they don’t need—to others who do.

And my God will liberally supply [fill to the full] your every need according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus. (Philippians 4:19, AMP)

Prayer – Thank you, wonderful, miraculous God, you know us through and through. Amen

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