Spending A Day With Jesus

I was once asked to write about, “Who would I like to go to dinner with, and why?” It was part of a job application. Naturally, I chose Jesus and this is what I wrote:

Suppose it is raining, Jesus might take me to an upper room for wine and bread dipped in sauce. Perhaps hang out at Mary and Martha’s place, and learn the finer points of housework. I might even get to watch Jesus get some perfume sprinkled on His feet.

We could even end up down the beach and have fish cooked over the coals of a slow burning fire. For a real fun night, He takes me out with the 12 disciples. I would sit and listen as Jesus gives them one of His famous pep talks. There would be no shortage of things to talk about. However, Jesus is polite. He cares about the little people. Our Lord saved the sharper edge of His tongue for the religious leaders, Scribes, Pharisees and, of course, the Sadducees.

The conversation will no doubt get around to me. He would ask all the hard questions and it would be impossible to hide anything. Was I born again? Did I love others as I loved myself? Have I forgiven those that have irritated me, past and present? I would come out of this being a better person. I know I would.

At the end of the evening, I wonder if Jesus would come and wash my feet as He did the disciples. In the process I would share, my most intermit needs with Him and I know He would want to pray for me. When it is time to leave, I feel like wanting more.

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