Spirit versus Flesh (Part 2)

This seems in contrast to yesterday’s devotional on dying. However, here Jesus is talking about how to live, not how we die.

Keep alert and pray. Otherwise, the temptation will overpower you. For the spirit indeed is willing, but how weak the body is!”(Matthew 26:41, LB)

Note that Jesus was just as weary as the disciples but he fought his flesh while they did not (or at least they did not fight hard enough.)

The Greek word used for spirit here is pneuma which refers to the soul of, that is the mind of man. The Greek word for flesh is our human body, or our human nature with all of its weaknesses

Country artist Glenn Campbell just died and of course, the news pundits are dragging out every nuance of his life. Yes, he had succumbed to drugs but the clip they used was about how he overcame it. He said… “I prayed and prayed and prayed.” His success in such a struggle displayed this verse clearer than anything I can add here.

So in your struggles, dear friend, take the advice Jesus gave to the living. Pray and pray and pray.

Prayer- Lord Jesus, again and again and again today, we pray that you give us the strength to overcome____________ for all things are possible in your name. Amen.

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