Spiritual Exercise

1 Timothy 4:8Bodily exercise is all right, but spiritual exercise is more important and is a tonic for all you do. So exercise yourself spiritually and practice being a better Christian, because that will help you not only now in this life, but in the next life too (LB).

When I was looking at ways to vary my exercise routine, my friend (in jest, I trust!) suggested I try beating around the bush, jumping to conclusions, climbing the walls, dragging my heels, and making mountains out of molehills. “After that, you can toot your own horn and put your foot in your mouth.”  she said. 

Unfortunately, I‘m already too successful at every one of those.

Our physical efforts toward bodily health will be helpful for less than 100 years. Our spiritual health is another story. The rewards for becoming a better Christian will last forever. I’ve replaced my friend’s list with one of my own. Now, I practice exercises that include, peace, obedience, trust and silence, speaking the truth in love and refusing to judge! How about you?

Prayer: Father God, when we get our priorities out of order, help us to exercise spiritual common sense and get back to what matters; becoming a better Christian. In Christ’s name. Amen.

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