Stop Hiding from Yourself

And as the year begins again, and time’s renewed once more,
I ask, God, give me grace for whatever is in store.
May I see your blessing and look forward to new me,
Instead of pondering failure down upon my knee.

The folks around me suffer, when I refuse to face my wounds
So I open to you my warehouse for oh, my life is ruined.
Oh, God, who honors honesty, I beg You, help me, please,
To face my failure earnestly planted squarely on my knees.

I’d like to turn my back, Lord, on some things I cannot face.
But God, my heart is yearning to be full of constant grace.
Inside, deep down, I know, I cower behind a saintly smile,
When turmoil of my past is really stirring to revile.

Forgiveness, Lord, I beg you. Yes, it’s me in desperate prayer.
I turn my face to see you, in deepest, fearful stare.
See me as I was Lord, Take me as I am.
For I yearn to be another of your sweet submissive lambs.

Prayer – Lord, take our past and make it worthy by your son’s blood shed for us. Amen.

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