Several months ago, at an RSVP (formerly Stonecroft) event, I won an hour of entertainment by The Paraguins, a terrific musical duo. I didn’t know what on Earth to do with the win. Should they come and sing to me in my living room? Entertain at the mall?

Eventually I decided to rent the local hall and I invited my friends to the event, but I didn’t tell any of them what it was. Oh the comments I got!

“If you don’t tell me what it is, I am not coming.”
“Are you selling something?”
“Are you launching a new book?”
“Are you trying to shove religion down my throat?”

I sent out seventy invitations, about fifty replied and said they would attend. Thirty showed up and most of those had not replied at all! Those who came thoroughly enjoyed themselves!

I felt a bit like the king in Matthew 22 who invited people to his son’s wedding and got much the same response.

“For many are invited, but few are chosen.” (See Matthew 22:14)

I have invited you to Jesus many times. Can I count you as one of the invited guests who actually showed up?

Prayer – Father God, thank you for the invitation. I am coming to your event! Amen

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