Take It To The Lord In Prayer

The power of prayer is an amazing thing to experience. When all else fails, prayer is a way of saying, ” God I need you.” A prayer can say, ” Lord I need you,” or “Lord, I'm in awe of what you do. ” With God, all things are possible and praying is a way of acknowledging everything is in His hands.

King David expressed his need for God to hear his prayers throughout the book of Psalms. Some say King David suffered from bouts of depression and waves of melancholy and some say that was the reason behind the passion reflected in the psalms. Yet, everyone has those times when trials and trouble seem to surround and consume. It is during those times that the Word of God can bring such comfort. There are two choices a person can make when faced with trial. Choose to be bitter and turn away from God and His words of comfort or choose to be better and seek out those wonderful words of comfort.

For those who choose to seek out those words, comfort and security are usually found.

“Those who know your name will trust in you, for you, Lord, have never forsaken those who seek you.” Psalm 9:10 (NIV)

Theology professors often point out that things of importance are repeated over and over in scripture to drive the point home. 1 Chronicles 16-7-12 and Psalm 105 are basically one in the same. The passage in 1 Chronicles records and emphasizes the words David wrote in Psalm 105. In short, telling all to praise the Lord. Glory in His name. Seek Him out. Prayer is a vital part to a relationship with God. Prayer and the reading of the Word is like conversing with a friend, your very best friend. “What a Friend We Have in Jesus” That hymn, by the way, was first written as a poem by Joseph Scriven in 1855, as a way to comfort himself after hearing his mother was gravely ill. He was not able to go home and see her, so these words were penned as a poem, a prayer and a comfort.

Take a few moments to do a word search on prayer, Click here for one at Biblegateway.com. Just in this one search, there are over 155 scripture references to prayer covering several different categories: thankfulness, prayer requests, fasting, faith, joy in trials, prayer never ceasing and prayer for each other. Over 155 times! Prayer is that important. If it's that important and can bring such comfort and security to our souls, shouldn't we be doing it more? Something to think about today. 

The story behind and the song, “What A Friend We Have in Jesus”:

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