Tennessee Business Group Prays for Decision Makers

Many Christians often refer to the power of answered prayers as evidence of God moving in their lives.

It’s this notion the Tennessee Christian Chamber of Commerce is looking to build upon by asking others to pray for business leaders in the Nashville area.

The idea piggybacks off the Adopt-A-Leader program, part of the upcoming National Day of Prayer on May 7th. The idea is simple and the hopes are as basic any other time people pray for others: guidance, wisdom and inspiration that comes from a closer connection to God.

“When you think about the economy today, leaders are having to lay off people. That’s a burden to them,” Celeste LaReau, president, founder and CEO of the Tennessee Christian Chamber of Commerce told The Tennessean. “We’ll pray for the economy to improve; we’ll pray for laid-off employees to find work to sustain them.”

There is banter back and forth on the commentary stream attached to the article, with some readers attacking the idea as silly and unproductive.

Yet it is safe to say most Americans know friends or family members who have been directly impacted by the recession if they haven’t been themselves. Whether it’s job loss, reduced hours or rapid plan changes sparked by sinking investments, escaping the economy completely is a luxury very few have right now.

Sharing your problems, or concerns about others including decision-makers, is a natural outgrowth of a faith walk.


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