Did you know that our spines are made up of 33 vertebrae that interlock with each other to form the spinal column? They are divided into the following areas.

  • Cervical (neck area),
  • Thoracic (chest area),
  • Lumbar (lower back),
  • Sacrum (in hip area),
  • Coccyx (bone at base of spinal column)

I am fascinated with the number because that is how long Jesus lived here on earth. Check on line if you like for lots more info than I can put here. Or you can just take my word for it. Suffice it to say, Christ lived here to age 33.

 When Jesus entered public life he was about thirty years old, the son (in public perception) of Joseph. (Luke 3:23, MSG)

So as I link these two thoughts, I ask you if you have the backbone for Christ.

What do you look at? (Cervical- neck area)?

What thoughts do you breathe in and out? (thoracic-chest area),

What do you put your energy into? (lumbar-lower back),

Where do you walk and with whom? (sacrum-five fused vertebrae in hip area),

Are you settled and sure for Christ in every area of your life? (Coccyx-base of spinal column)

Prayer- Lord you never make a mistake and surely our 33 bits of the spine are to remind us of the Christ and our walk with him. Cleanse us in every area Lord, so that we are worthy of his number and his name. Amen.

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