Those Ten

Do you remember these? Have no other gods (of any kind) before me. Don’t use my name in vain, in silly talk. Rest on the seventh day because it is holy. Don’t murder, steal commit adultery. Stop lying and lusting

These laws sound great because it will catch child abusers, thieves and murderers. Love that don’t we? BUT the Bible says that we are to be as perfect as God is perfect.  If we choose to live by the law then we have to be judged by the law. (Matthew 5:48)

How is that working for you?

Have we kept all the commandments? Will we be able to get to heaven if God uses these laws to judge us? God says that none of us do good or right. (Psalm 14:2-3, Romans 3:11)

So how is that working for you?

Prayer – Lord, oh Lord, but for Jesus we too fail the ten… thank you for Jesus! Amen

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