Titus, Number Two

Titus 1:5-I left you on the island of Crete so that you could do whatever was needed to help strengthen its churches, and I asked you to appoint pastors in every city who would follow the instructions I gave you. (LB)

In our church he is called the Bishop. Whatever the title, this person is responsible for all the churches under their care. Their job is not an easy one. Our attitude toward any corrections will make all the difference.


Titus didn’t want to go and he didn’t stay too long.
The mob at Crete was difficult. The opposition was too strong.
Young, he stood there in his faith and called them all to change.
He showed them how to walk the walk and how to re-arrange
Their lives to be God’s people true, their hearts to blend as one;
That prayer can turn most everything into something that is done.

And God has sent to our spots a Titus (number two),
Who calls us to be accountable and calls us to renew
Our hearts beyond the original, that Titus (number two).
He teaches how to stand in prayer so we are different, true,
And all because God sent in faith, our Titus (Number Two).

Do we pray for and obey our Christian leaders?

Prayer: Lord, thank you for Godly people in places of authority. Help us to be part of their support and not one of their hindrances. Amen

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