Tour the Holy Land on Facebook

Pope Benedict XVI’s current pilgrimage to the Holy Land has brought a lot of attention to the region this week.

The Consulate General of Israel in New York has jumped on the bandwagon and released its own “Holy Land Trivia” application on Facebook. Once you sign in to your Facebook account, you can choose to take a quiz on the holy sites of Israel or modern Israel in one of three levels of difficulty.

Some of the “easy” questions offered include “What important event in Jesus’ life took place in Bethlehem?” and “Where was Jesus baptized by John?”

Everyday Christian Contributing Editor Peter Elliott and I joked that we might fare better with ninth-grade geometry than the Holy Land trivia quiz. I have always believed that publishers printed maps in their Bibles just for people like me. Regardless of your knowledge of the Holy Land, the questions and beautiful images of the area should leave you longing for your own visit to the area.

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