Trick or Treat?

Romans 12:2- Dont copy the behavior and customs of this world, but be a new person with a fresh newness in all you do and think. Then you will learn from your own experience how his ways really satisfy you (LB).

I loved the long, gray silk dress. Flounced from the waist down, with short, puffy sleeves, and a swishy skirt, it was everything a six-year-old girl loves. Mom rounded out my princess costume with her engagement ring, (the same ring our daughter-in-law, Tabetha, now proudly wears!) with many an admonition not to lose it!

Play any of the games at the school party? Not me!

Run in any of the races? Not me!

Afraid to take part, I pressed myself against a wall, fearfully fingering the ring, now string-wrapped to fit my finger. What a relief to get home and give over all that responsibility.

Pillowcases of Halloween candy passed through my hands (and right onto my hips, I might add). I don’t remember any of those. I do remember the local butcher ran out of candy and gave us a wiener instead!

Halloween doesn’t have the best history, but if we lock our doors, turn off the lights, and ignore requests for trick and treat, the neighbours see us as tight wads or even worse, religious fanatics.

We can show Christ’s love at Halloween by giving out special treats, like my butcher friend did. Stickers saying Jesus loves you, the Gospel message in cartoon form or brightly colored pencils with scripture verses on them are all good ideas.

Yes, it is a night that glorifies the darkness but after all, we are people of the Light.

Prayer: Tonight, God, when people celebrate something they don’t understand, help us place your name before them with love. Amen.

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