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I was so blessed to be able to speak at Victory Life Ministries in Pueblo, Colorado.  God is truly working in a powerful way with this church.  I never felt so loved and embraced before at any church.  These godly men and women are truly yielded to God and the praise and worship music must make the angels rejoice.  I am going to try to imitate what they are doing in the music and ministry at the church of which I am an under-shepherd.  I have seen any church that is so Spirit filled.  You could truly tell that the Holy Spirit is in these people of God. 

Pastors Darin and Gloria Carroll are reaching out into the community is to make a difference for eternity.  They have an Outreach planned for this September in Pueblo.  They open their doors and hearts for any and all who are needing Christ.  They do not discriminate in who they invite to come to church.  Like Jesus, they receive all who would come to the Savior regardless of their past.  They have such a powerful ministry for those who have abused drugs, been to prison, been in gangs, and they extend grace, mercy, and love in such an unconditional way.  

I wish I could mention everyone because everybody who is involved in their services, including the congregation, shows the love of God by their words, deeds, and actions. Edward Montiel leads the powerful music worship service for the church and I am sure his wife Natalie sees this gift in him. When I met John and Christine Arco, I was thoroughly impressed by their zeal for God and love for the brothers and sisters.  John gave such a powerful message during the Offertory portion of the service that it is obvious that he is being used by God.  Pastors Darin and Gloria are yielded to God's will and I have never seen such a church that is as willing to follow God’s lead in all they do as I have at Victory Life Ministries, at 2315 Sprague Avenue, in Pueblo Colorado.  This church is teaching a Christ-centered message and is being the hands, feet, and pocketbook of Jesus Himself.   They are so dedicated to reaching out to those who society generally avoids and they are taking bold steps into the community to save those who other churches may not even reach out to.  The harvest field is ripe, it is huge, and they are laboring in it.  It was just an amazing experience that I will never forget and indeed, I will never, ever be the same. 

What a powerful moment of God's grace after the service.  I was overwhelmed by the response.  Truly the Holy Spirit and Jesus Himself were there in person.  Many came forward that day to humbly submit their lives to Christ and to fall down at His feet in asking for His lordship, mercy, and grace.  The pastors know all about being in an impossible situation in which they would eventually be used by God in a most powerful way in the book Torn Apart/Restored on  

Victory Life Ministries is a church that is a rare find these days.  Just like Jesus went out to seek those who were lost and went out to seek sinners, so too is Victory Life Ministries reaching out to past drug abusers and dealers, to former gang members, to former prisoners, and to whomever they encounter.  They go where most fear to tread.  What a crown jewel they are that adorns the city of Pueblo.   They are living out the Great Commission by going out into the community and reaching out to those who most would never invite to church.  

If you live in the Pueblo, Colorado area, I could not think of a stronger, Holy Spirit filled, Bible-believing church than Victory Life Ministries.  Their name says it all.  There is victory in Jesus.  And they are expanding the Kingdom of Heaven and taking as many men, women, and children to heaven as they can.   I thank God for Pastor’s Darin and Gloria Carroll’s labor of love and for the entire congregation.  From my many years of experience in being a Christian, from being a Sunday school teacher to being a pastor, they are truly one in a million; and they are making an incredible difference for eternity.  

To read the true story of redemption of the Darin and Gloria Carroll, read Torn Apart/Restored available on 

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