Victory, Never Defeat

When we think we have no power, feel like a failure, are sure we can’t hang on, we would do well to remember God’s truth. After we write our names into the blanks below, let’s read, reread and then memorize the truth of victory with Jesus.

Romans 8:37-39Overwhelming victory is ___________s, through Christ who loved ____________ enough to die for _____________.  For ______________ (is) convinced that nothing can ever separate _____________from His love. Death cant and life cant. The angels wont and all the power of hell itself cannot keep Gods love away from ______________ .    ______________s fears for today, __________________, worries about tomorrow or where _____________  (is),high above the sky or in the deepest ocean, nothing  will ever be able to  separate ________________  from the love of God, demonstrated by our Lord Jesus Christ when He died for ___________________.  (Paraphrase, LB)

Prayer: Now Lord, help us live as though we really believe you! Amen

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