Walk and Chew Gum

A neighbour described one of his brothers this way. “That guy can’t walk and chew gum at the same time.” This implied that the fellow was clumsy, or unable to multi-task.

My granny was a whiz at multi-tasking, especially when it came to conversations. In a room full of people with ten conversations going at once, she would interject statements into every one and never miss a beat.

Now this can be a blessing or a curse. Sometimes you do not need to know what the other guy is saying, do you?

There was a day when I was really good at multi-tasking but now I am down to a couple of things at a time! I am always working when I am on the phone. I cart it around and listen with one ear, while emptying the dishwasher or putting my make-up on.

When it comes to faith and worship, though, I am a one-topic-gal. God has all of my focus and my attention.

Do you pay attention to the words you sing on Sunday mornings? They are a prayer you know, a word you are offering to God. What are you saying? And if you don’t sing, does that mean you do not believe in what the words say? Or are you afraid that you won’t be able to multi-task by standing, singing, worshipping and breathing all at the same time?

Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Worship the Lord your God and serve him only.’” (Luke 4:8, NIV)

Prayer- Lord we all search for your will in our lives, but sometimes we already know the answers—and one of them is to worship you with all our hearts. Amen.

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