What Color Is Your Coat?

The artic fox, the weasel and the white tailed jack rabbit are some of the animals whose coats change color in the winter. This lets them blend into the snow.

A few people do that too. They change their ways in public but their sweet tempers disappear at home. Or they ingratiate themselves with the boss, but undercut their fellow workers. Others belittle their relatives in private, but snug all over them at family gatherings.

Our first response might be to take them on, but it’s a losing battle. They just revert to their other coat color. These folks are best left to God, while we check to be sure that we are not one of them.

I hate double-minded people, but I love your law. (Psalm 119:13, NIV)

Prayer- Lord, help us keep our minds on you so that our coat is colored like Jesus. Amen.

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