What Would Jesus Tweet?

Remember WWJD?

A few years back “What Would Jesus Do?” become a pop culture phrase beyond Christian circles. I recall seeing plastic bracelets with the acronym on it when Lance Armstrong’s “LiveStrong” campaign was at full speed inspiring the fad.

The slogan aside, it’s a legitimate question Christians need to ask themselves in difficult situations.
What does your faith teach you about handling the rigors of life?

How has your relationship with God helped you frame your decisions?

Now in the age of social media WWJD has morphed into WWJT: “What Would Jesus Tweet?”

I picked up on this – where else — from a Twitter post. It linked to this page where you can buy a T-shirt posing the question.

There are 2,654 entries that come up when you type “Jesus” as a Twitter name search criteria.

Some identify themselves as followers of Jesus in their profiles.

Some are Hispanic gentlemen with the Spanish pronunciation of the name.

Some are atheists using the name to deride it.

Some flat-out pretend they are Jesus, making first-person statements on their pages.

For those of you on Twitter, you know when you pick up a new follower you get a message in your inbox stating so-and-so in following you on Twitter. Getting e-mails, as I have, saying “Jesus Christ is following you on Twitter!” or “Direct Message from Almighty God” are at best a little bizarre.

Even though the Bible mentions that Jesus is intimately interested in us (Luke 12:4-12), it is hard to fathom what Jesus would tweet or why it would even concern him.


If anything the question seems more like the same ones we ask every day, simply looking for answers to day-to-day life and how God may influence it.

And as far as the “following” part goes, I’m confident it still needs to be the other way around.


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