When He Speaks

Lately, it’s been nagging at me to use the whole bed. Now perhaps this sounds crazy to you, but I had my hubby’s pillow on his side of the bed for all our married life, as well as the almost five years since he died. It’s the one with the John Deere pillow case on it, the one that he lay on in his sick bed. Sometimes I fancy that it smells like him when he came in from a hard day at work.

Anyway, it seemed God needed me to make that decision. I put it off for several days of course, because that is what we do. Finally, last night, I moved it tenderly to a chair and moved myself to the centre of the bed. Surprisingly, I slept quite well.

Then, as always, I asked myself this question. Why do I hesitate when God asks something of me? Why do I prolong the agony and the pain? Why don’t I just do it? Why indeed.

The verse below describes how I was feeling before obeying, but it occurs to me now that God wasn’t hiding his face at all. I had turned my back on him.

Lord, why castest thou off my soul? Why hidest thou thy face from me? (Psalm 88:14, KJV)

Prayer – Lord, give us all the courage and common sense to obey what you say, when you say it! Amen

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