Ye Old Toilet Brush

John 15:1-2I am the true vine, my Father is the gardener (NIV).

“It’s time to haul out the old toilet brush and decorate it. Hey kids, help us stuff this old toilet brush back into the box!”

Wouldn’t those comments raise an eyelid or two? The truth is that the American company, Addis Brush created the first artificial Christmas trees on their toilet brush machinery.

An artificial tree certainly has its place in today’s world. Time, space, and mess helped us choose a look-alike tree, rather than a fresh one. We can easily trample it into a box and store it for the year. When we search it out again, we find that it scrunched, misshapen and worn. With some shoving, pinching and pulling, lots of lights tinsel and ornaments, it again looks (almost) like new. We sigh with relief and then a few days later, we strip it down and force it fiercely into its container for next time.

Crowds of us treat Jesus the same way. We haul Him out for the ‘big season’and then, when He has suitably impressed our family, friends, business acquaintances and all the Santa requirements, we stuff Him back in a box. We choose the false over the fresh. That might be fine when it comes to Christmas trees but do we really want to treat the Son of God that way? 

Prayer: Jesus, overcome the false in us with your real self. Amen.

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  1. joyfully one said:

    Amen! Short and succinct. Thanks for the good word and prayer.

    November 30, 2011

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