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Question-Do you know that ad nauseam means?  Answer- Something that’s been done so often that it is tiresome or annoying. That sounds suspiciously like my New Years Resolutions  Aren’t you…

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I belong to a weight loss group that does just that; we count points. However there are other points you need to be aware of here in Canada Did you…

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It is Canada we say. What do you expect? It is Canada. We get snow and cold and even blizzards every winter. Apparently some expect balmy tropical heat here which…

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Some of the baubles I got for Christmas are goners now. They broke, or never worked in the first place. Or the clothing had a sparkly bit that washed off…

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I hope after all these years, you understand this about me. I am determined to tell you the truthful Word of God no matter what. I will not waffle or…

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I was a picky child who refused the white of eggs and bowls of homemade soup. Those are the two that stick out in my mind but I have no…

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How funny to write the date this morning; 20-20-20, the exceptional day of clear vision in an exceptional year of clear vision, 2020. Let’s pray clear vision for all of…

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