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How Do I Know God’s Will For Me?

Date published: October 04, 2010
Author: Gina Burgess

Labor Day, Unemployment And Prayer

Date published: September 03, 2010
Author: Peter Elliott


Best And Worst Jobs Of 2011

Date published: February 08, 2011

The job-search Web site CareerCast has listed the best and worst jobs of 2011. This year's top job: software engineer--a job that involves the …

Many Workers Face Sharply Lower Wages During Recovery

Date published: January 12, 2011

More than eight million Americans lost their job during the recent recession. A recent article in Wall Street Journal shows that while many workers …

America’s Highest Paying Top Jobs

Date published: October 15, 2010

Money magazine and PayScale.com recently compiled a list of America's 20 highest paying jobs. The top high-paying job? Anesthesiologists earn $290,000 and have the …

Old Jobs Require New Skills

Date published: October 11, 2010

While the number of job openings remains historically low, some companies are having difficulty finding qualified candidates to fill those jobs. As companies have …

30% Of Unemployed Workers Out Of Work A Year Or More

Date published: October 08, 2010

A report issued Thursday by the Pew Economic Policy Group shows that a record 30% of unemployed Americans--4.3 million--have been out of work for …

Finding A Job For The Holidays

Date published: September 29, 2010

Those out of work or simply looking to earn some extra money over the holidays should look for seasonal employment in the retail, shipping, …

10 Strange Jobs That Pay Well

Date published: September 16, 2010

Have you ever considered a career as a pearl diver or airplane repo man. What about a certified ethical hacker? These off-the-beaten-path careers are …