Kick Off Summer With a Simple Picnic in the Park

Memorial Day marks the beginning of summer fun, filled with pool parties and road trips.  For many of us, however, our lives are so rushed, we even hurry through our so-called family vacations.  Why not take it slow this summer and enjoy a simple picnic in the park?

History tells us that picnics began around the 1700s. However, as Christians, we recall a picnic that happened much earlier. Mark 6 describes a day when Jesus, already tired and hungry himself, walked among the people, teaching and healing, until the late afternoon. Soon, the crowd became hungry as well, but remained there, desiring to spend more time close to the Savior.

That’s when Jesus took five loaves and two fish, gave thanks, and fed over 5,000 people. Can you imagine a day spent listening to His voice and then being fed by His own hands? Now that’s what I call a picnic!

Oftentimes, when traveling, we hurry through a fast food meal, anxious to arrive at our vacation destination. What’s the hurry?

This summer, why not grab your picnic basket, find a quiet spot along your route, and enjoy a family meal outdoors? Take time as a family to enjoy God’s presence. Thank Him for today’s miracles. Not only will you save a little cash, you’ll find your meal to be much more satisfying.

Picnic Essentials

Once you’ve packed your favorite meal and beverage, make sure your basket also includes the following:

· Picnic blanket/tablecloth

· Utensils/plates/cups

· Napkins/paper towels

· Trash bags

· Sunscreen

· Insect Repellent

· Hand Sanitizer

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