Academy of Country Music Awards Show Respect for Troops, Marriage and Faith

I’ve written before about how much I love country music. I’m down-home kind of girl, so the country genre speaks to me like nothing else can.

However, another thing that I love about country music is the people who practice it. For the most part, the country/western community still holds to Judeo-Christian values and respects those of us who still believe in traditional marriage and “the Good Book”.

Nowhere was this worldview more evident than in Sunday’s Academy of Country Music Awards. Nearly every performer awarded thanked God and their families first, revealing the kind of morality that runs deep in country music. Also, many of the songs performed showed a sensitivity to Main Street woes that is often missed in government and Hollywood. Where we often feel detached from movie stars and politicians, country music artists tend to respect the little guy and laud hard-working, gutsy Americans with their craft, which is a refreshing change of pace. Plus, the Zac Brown Band put together a video from their tour of the Middle East playing for the troops – one that got a standing ovation from the pro-military crowd and I’m sure gave us all goose-bumps.

I know it’s not for everybody, but I’m grateful for country music. I’m glad to have a genre that embraces my lifestyle and upholds my marriage, independent spirit and strong patriotism with a catchy tune. In the words of this year’s ACM Entertainer of the Year Carrie Underwood: “Play on”.

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