’American Idol’ alumni: Phil Stacey

  • Editor’s Note: This is the second of a series of blogs looking at the careers of former “American Idol” contestants with ties to Christian music.

Phil Stacey is no stranger when it comes to music, faith and blending the two together.

The Tennessee native was a Top 12 finalist during Season 6 of American Idol in 2007. His father is a pastor in the Nashville area and he comes from a family with a long line of clergy.

Stacey acknowledged to Everyday Christian in an interview last year, “Growing up in the environment that I did where you live a life of sacrifice to the Lord, it has shaped who I am. I’ve learned there’s not much value in material things, that you have to live your life in the truth that comes from God.”

Living in the truth and living in the spotlight are often a challenge, Stacey said. Case in point was a vacation to Italy.

“My wife and I were in Rome at the Colosseum and some people came up to me and asked, ‘Weren’t you on American Idol?’ and started taking pictures of me,” he said. “On one hand you’re flabbergasted and on the other you think it feels good to be recognized.

“It’s a reminder that there are all kinds of different things that can distract you from the path God is leading you on. No matter whatever else is going on around you, there is no truer sense of peace than from following His plan for your life.”

Stacey’s second album, “Into the Light” has a stronger Christian spin to it that his self-titled debut release which peaked at eighth on the Billboard country charts. “Into the Light” cracked the Top 30 on Christian charts last fall and Stacey is preparing to hit the road in support of the album beginning with a Feb. 13 date in Savannah, Ga.

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