Attorney Says Conservative Family Should Be Sued for Instilling Views

On FOX News’ Kelly’s Court Thursday, Defense Attorney David Wohl and Criminal Defense Attorney Joey Jackson took sides regarding a lawsuit surrounding an Indiana school bus driver’s public verbal tirade against a middle school girl for expressing her conservative viewpoints on the bus. While the situation in question regarding the driver’s actions disturbs me, it is one of these attorneys’ responses on the show that disturbs me much more.

The attorneys were commenting on the suit filed against the school district by the family of the school girl named Rachael, and the corresponding video evidence recently released showing the bus driver, Betty Campbell, standing before a busload of students, saying:

“Well, you’re a smart guy, and Rachael is a stupid little bigot. I don’t want to hear one more word about anybody going to hell if they’re gay or they’re Buddhist or whatever, cause it’s none of your damn business!”

The child’s family is suing the school district for not taking any action regarding the bus driver, and claims the district stonewalled the release of the bus video. The child’s father says his daughter only said she would not have voted for President Obama because of his views on abortion and same sex marriage.

Wohl and Jackson took opposing views, stating their reasons why they believe the family does or does not have a case. While Wohl spoke in strong support of the suit, Jackson said this:

“Maybe the school bus driver used poor judgment….but to sue on the basis of this? If anybody should be sued it should be A) the father for filing and B) the family for instilling these views in the child.”

Criminal Defense Attorney Joey Jackson said, without question, that this family should be – not could be – should be sued for instilling conservative views in their own child. Does this bother anyone besides me?

The day that a family is sued for instilling views in a child is the day of death for America. And while I strongly believe that conservative views are right, I mean the aforementioned statement to include all views, whether I agree with them or not. This is freedom.

But with freedom comes accountability. All parents have not only a right, but a responsibility to raise their children to be productive members of society, and this requires teaching them to think in such a way as to act decently and responsibly. This necessitates parents helping children believe in a way that results in such action. While only one belief leads to heaven, various beliefs yield productive citizens.

To hold a set of beliefs is the right of all free men and women. It is what we do with our beliefs that must be governed by some rule of law, because our outward actions affect others. It appalls me that Attorney Jackson would state that a family should be sued for giving their children a foundation of beliefs on which to stand. But I don’t think he meant just any family. He meant this family because their beliefs differ from his own.

Jackson tried to recover his political correctness by saying we all have the right to believe what we want to believe. But such trite comments fail to recognize that we are not born with beliefs in our heads. We form such beliefs through experience in life, and interaction with others. Ultimately, our beliefs evolve from outside influence. For children, liberals want that influence to be the state, because they believe their foundation for behavior is right, and the Right’s foundation is wrong.

Christians must wake up and get involved. Too many are apathetic to what is happening in society and government, wrongly believing that they are somehow “immune” to decisions of state. We have a God-given responsibility to care for our children, and that includes protecting our children’s rights and their futures. Just yesterday my father said to me about the next generation, “We are losing them.” Truly, if we do not protect our freedoms, our children will no longer be ours.

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