Celebrity Apprentice Finale–Fired By the Best

Many shows are having their season finales this month, including “Lost” which wrapped up for good Sunday evening. In the shadow of this behemoth was Donald Trump’s “Celebrity Apprentice”. The battle stage was set between Holly Robinson Peete, actress and Bret Michaels, rock star.

I won’t reveal anything too early for those who are planning to watch this on TiVo…but just a warning – there are spoilers ahead!

The two final celebrities went head-to-head designing a campaign for two new Snapple drinks. Even though it seemed Bret had been dealt a raw deal by getting Darryl Strawberry who quit the show in an early episode, Bret still managed to come up with creative solutions to his own management problems. Holly, on the other hand, was given celebrity chef, Curtis Stone, to work with on a task where part of the judging would fall on the taste of the drink.

If I were to have written a blog predicting the outcome of this show like I did on this one, I would have completely failed. I thought Holly Robinson Peete had this won on the basis of the record-setting amount of funds she raised for her charity while on the show.

Bret Michaels, heart and soul, won “Celebrity Apprentice” not only on the basis of his hard work and creativity but also because of his determination to attend the live finale after suffering a massive brain hemorrhage. His doctors fearing a relapse in his condition, Bret told Trump, did not want him to come. Trump asked Bret if he minded getting a sympathy vote, to which Bret, his jovial self, responded that Holly’s dress was getting her the ‘hot’ vote.

Could the Donald have fired (or hired) differently? Considering Bret’s brush with death, was there really any choice?

I was fired three weeks ago from a Christian organization without warning or process. In fact, as I write this I am still wondering exactly why I was fired. Many people have approached me since, either wary of my loss or interested to know my story. I think, for the most part, that people are surprised at my lack of bitterness toward my former workplace – or maybe toward Christianity in general.

I have a feeling they are missing the big picture.

The week before I was let go, I wrote out this verse and pasted it on my computer screen. You see, as controversial as Donald Trump ‘firing’ someone who was never hired to work for him, I never worked for my workplace either. A-ha! This is why I was fired, you say. No, like Bret and Holly, I worked hard and was recognized for my accomplishments.

I worked (and still work) for God as a living sacrifice. I can’t be fired but by Him alone. And if I ever am, then I can say I was fired by the best.

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