Compassion International begins Sri Lanka program

Last year the Indian Ocean nation of Sri Lanka saw the end of a bloody decades-long civil war.

In the aftermath of the conflict, international aid has been important to help recalibrate the society and help displaced people.

Compassion International has opened an office in Sri Lanka, the 26th country in which it operates. Compassion Sri Lanka will begin operations by supporting 14 Child Survival Programs in some of the poorest communities in and outside the capital city of Colombo.

The survival program strategy represents a shift for the ministry. Traditionally, Compassion has started with child sponsorship programs, but in this instance it will be focusing on helath and nutrition before ramping up toward a sponsorship program.

“Children should not die from something as preventable as malaria, influenza, or the common cold,” said Mark Hanlon, senior vice president of Compassion International, USA. “By opening in Sri Lanka with our Child Survival Program, it will help the littlest amongst us get off to a healthy start, enabling them to grow up and become everything God intended them to be.”

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