Debate probes God in goodness

For the uninitiated, The Washington Post puts out a regular series called On Faith where panelists from all stripes of the faith and political spectrums offer up opinions on a topic proposed by moderators.

This has become a must-read for me most weeks. This week’s question particularly caught my eye – “Good Without God?”

The debate centers on whether or not people can have a moral compass without faith. As Christians, this is an important part of evaluation not only of our own beliefs, but for those friends and neighbors around us who are filled with a heavy dose of skepticism.

From God telling Moses without hesitation who He is in Exodus 3:14 to the rich examples of Jesus’ ministry in the New Testament, there is ample material to reflect on the relationship between God and man and God’s expectations for human behavior.

Often the best way to support your own beliefs is to take a look at the other side of the coin and match it up. In this vein, the current On Faith debate does that well is worth analyzing.

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