’Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Compromise Reached

It seems that the military's “don't ask, don't tell” policy of the 1990s keeps on taking the hits. Fox News reports a compromise has been reached. No details have been released since the “negotiations are sensitive”.

Defense Secretary Robert Gates is in favor of repealing this law. I'm wondering if he has even thought about how this will effect the troops? I am mostly protected against the virulent platitudes of the homosexuals in hot pursuit of absolution and approval for their lifestyle. Why else would they spend millions of dollars on their agenda making American believe there are more of them than there really are?

Back in the 2000 Census, less than 4% of the US population admitted to living the homosexual lifestyle, yet they would have us believe that fully 10% of the population are homosexual. I kept hearing 10% and 12% being bandied about from news media. I kept hearing all kinds of reports of horror stories of how gays were being mistreated which made it appear that the problem was much worse than it actually was. (Please take note–I am not saying homosexuals should be mistreated!!!)

Now, we are living in a society in which the media are pushing the homosexual agenda. “Amazing Race” usually has at least one team of homosexuals. Stories about them always make the evening news and the morning papers. There is a larger force at work than just approval of a lifestyle that God proclaims is an abomination.

Here’s the rub. People think that because they believe a thing, that makes it true. This is not so. Believing something neither makes it true or untrue. Biblical principles are absolutes. There are no substitutes and rules are guidelines which may or may not follow the biblical principle. Believing something gets you off the fence, but it won’t change a principle. You might can change a rule, but you cannot change what God says.

The lifestyle is evil. Not for any other reason but that God said it was. The people are deceived by Satan into believing they were “born that way,” or that they “can't change what God made.” Poppycock.

Robert Gates has no clue what repealing this will do to our troops. This will raise all kinds of problems with some of the misguided riff-raff which makes it into our military. The vast majority of our military are truly heroes and gentlemen. There are a few who are not. Trouble will come from the few, not the many.

My question remains: Why must we condone what goes on behind closed bedroom doors? Why do they feel it necessary to announce to all the world what they do?

If you want some stomach-churning stuff, just read Leviticus 18. It plainly states God finds the practice of this lifestyle abhorrent and an abomination. It is what our Sunday School lesson was on this past Sunday. As I read the background passages, I became more and more nauseated. I am glad that even the discussion of sin makes me nauseous. But, isn't it sad that we must be taught what is sin in God's eyes? Isn't it just plain awful that we Christians don't practice what God preaches?

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