’Facing the Giants’ Reiterates Power of Trusting God and Prayer

Facing the Giants” is not a new movie being first released in 2006 but it wasn’t until just recently I had the pleasure of viewing it. “Facing the Giants” gives examples of how trusting God and the power of prayer relates to all aspects of our daily lives.

Grant Taylor played by Alex Kendrick who also co-wrote and directed the movie is the football coach for the Shiloh Eagles. In his six years as coach his team has never had a winning season and Coach Taylor’s job is in jeopardy. Add to this he and his wife face the problem of not being able to have children, their house is falling apart, and their only form of transportation has major problems.

The Coach doesn’t give up though and cries out to God for help. When he receives a message from an unexpected visitor Taylor directs his football team in a new direction which leads to the players strengthening their trust in God and a few other ‘surprises’.

Strong Christian themes throughout “Facing the Giants” include some very inspirational and emotional prayer scenes and many bible references. One of my favorites is when Coach Taylor uses scripture from Nehemiah (building a wall) to motivate the team’s defensive line.

Facing the Giants” is a wonderful inspiring film whether you are facing trials in life and feeling much like Job yourself, reaches out to non-believers, and at the same time is refreshingly entertaining.


More Information:

I wholeheartedly enjoyed “Facing the Giants” but have to admit I watched it a second time with even more enthusiasm after learning the story behind the film. One thing you may notice about the movie is the lack of ‘famous people’. The reason is “Facing the Giants” was produced by a church, Sherwood Baptist Church in Albany, Georgia where Alex and Stephen Kendrick are both associate pastors. With nothing but a little instructions on ‘how to film a movie the actors, screenwriters, directors and producers were all unpaid and unknown in the filming industry.

Grossing over $10 million at the box office and being the best selling Christian DVD in 2007 the church obviously did a spectacular job with “Facing the Giants”.

Rating: PG for some thematic elements
Release: Sept. 29, 2006
Genre: Family, Drama
Story By: Alex and Stephen Kendrick
Director: Alex Kendrick
Distributor: Samuel Goldwyn Films, Destination Films

    * Alex Kendrick as Grant Taylor
    * Shannon Fields as Brooke Taylor
    * James Blackwell as Matt Prater
    * Bailey Cave as David Childers
    * Steve Williams as Larry Childers
    * Tracy Goode as Brady Owens
    * Jim McBride as Bobby Lee Duke
    * Tommy McBride as Jonathan Weston
    * Jason McLeod as Brock Kelley
    * Chris Willis as J.T. Hawkins Jr.
    * Ray Wood as Mr. Bridges
    * Erin Bethea as Alicia Houston

You can find more information at the “Facing the Giants” web site.

Sherwood Baptist Church
2201 Whispering Pines Road
Albany, Georgia, 31707

If you prefer reading “Facing the Giants” was also made into a novel:
Facing the Giants Novel by Alex & Stephen Kendrick
Publisher: Thomas Nelson (September 4, 2007)
ISBN-10: 1595544321

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  1. CindyTeenAdvice said:

    Great article and information about this movie.

    May 3, 2010
  2. saramomof2 said:

    What a great movie~ love this flick. Everyone should see this. I think it is so cool that these were not so called “professional” actors, etc…..average people and what a great movie! Nice article, Faith.

    May 4, 2010

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