Faith columnist attacks Sarah Palin

Washington Post reporter Sally Quinn took a shot at Sarah Palin’s Christian beliefs Tuesday in her “On Faith” column in response to the recent release of Palin’s new book, “Going Rogue”.

According to the description on the Washington Post website, the column “On Faith” is designed to “to carry on a fruitful, intriguing, and above all constructive conversation about the things that matter most.” The website states: “And so, in a time of extremism…how can people engage in a conversation about faith and its implications in a way that sheds light rather than generates heat? At The Washington Post and Newsweek, we believe the first step is conversation-intelligent, informed, eclectic, respectful conversation….”

Yet after quoting Palin’s commitment to follow God’s path for her life, Quinn asks a barrage of accusatory questions about HIs plan for Palin. These questions referenced Palin’s life happenings and personal reactions recorded in her book, including such queries as: “Did God plan for her daughter Bristol to get pregnant while she was a teenager? Why was she then not thrilled?”

Quinn goes on to criticize Palin for expressing her feelings regarding conflicts and controversies experienced during the McCain/Palin campaign. Ms. Quinn writes, “She has used this book and all of her Christian charity to do nothing but settle scores” and “You would think that God would ask of her to live her life as an example to others of a compassionate, loving, caring person.” Such comments imply that Palin is uncompassionate and unloving, and therefore not an example to follow. These negative overgeneralizations are rooted in judgment and brimming with hypocrisy.

I have to ask why. Does Quinn believe that her questions contribute to a respectful faith conversation that sheds light rather than generating heat as promised in the column’s description? Are her comments really meant to be constructive in nature? Surely the Washington Post would not tolerate the furtherance of political motives hidden under the guise of faith. Quinn admitted she was confused – about Palin’s faith, clearly, and perhaps also about her own column’s mission. Or was she just going rogue?

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  1. MatchesMalone said:

    Quinn might be confused by her own faith as well, based on what you’ve reported….

    November 19, 2009
  2. In His Grip said:

    The generation of heat occurs when stone is rubbed against stone..Jesus certainly knew how to put the fox in with the chicken. I wait eagerly for Sarah to make some comment or opine on any subject that reflects her Christian faith Her book is a compilation of more of the same silliness disguised as right wing rantings inspired from self seeking advancement. Adopt Glenn Beck as your future running mate..he is listened to by thousands of right wingers who love false witness more than truthfulness. Don’t understand why many Christians adopt this powermongering spirit over the meekness in spirit that our leader commanded. Our role is not to curse the darkness rather it is to let the light of truth help people struggling on their journey. The book has found its deserved place in society after 5 days release..50% percent discount in the sell off section of Krogers grocery store. It will sit their with other self absorbed wanna bees..britney spears,paris hilton etc. there is no redemptive value in the book and it contains only sad reflections on a ill prepared self deluded prophetess of doom. thank you for your perspective Karen, it reflects a lot of thinking in our community.

    November 19, 2009

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