Historic Biblical Counseling Coalition Summit Meeting

God has been stirring the hearts of leaders in the biblical counseling field with a common mission to strengthen local churches, educational organizations, Christian counseling centers, and other Christian ministries by promoting excellence in biblical counseling as a means to accomplish compassionate outreach and effective discipleship. As a result, Monday and Tuesday, May 3-4, 2010, nearly 40 biblical counseling leaders will gather in the Chicagoland area. These pastors, educators, counselors, authors, and ministry leaders will continue a process begun in February of this year when about two dozen leaders met to ask, “Is the time right to launch a new coalition of biblical counselors?”

No “official decision” has been made at this point to launch the Biblical Counseling Coalition. Instead, the May meeting is designed in part to “coalesce the coalition.” That is, to build relationships, connection, and mutual support. The meeting also will include a lengthy discussion of, “What is the center of biblical counseling.” Participants are excited, as evidenced by this sample post.

Part of the vision of a Biblical Counseling Coalition is moving from “silos” to synergy—from many people and organizations doing independent ministry, to many independent ministries working together for the cause of Christ. The Gospel Coalition is one organization that the Biblical Counseling Coalition could potentially model itself after.

Regardless of the outcome of the May gathering, and not to sound overly dramatic, this is a historic event. And one worthy of prayer that God’s will would be done during the two-day meeting and in the subsequent days as all participants prayerfully reflect on “next steps.”

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