Inspiration and the good life

The Internet is a crazy place. You can find anything from recipes to political commentary to really weird videos and amazing time-wasters. We all have to be careful as we browse as sometimes a harmless search can bring up less-than-upstanding results.

But sometimes, we can come across incredible stories and commentary through a simple accidental browse, which happily happened to me this week. The first is an incredible true story of one man’s determination to overcome. I really can’t describe it, you just have to watch the video, and I dare you to not be inspired.

The other thing I found was this great commentary on “the good life”. What both of these great links have in common is that they remind that there is more to life than striving after things, success, or anything else that the world offers.

The Internet is a crazy place, so it’s great to know that there are inspiring things like these to find.

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