Is your marriage missing something?

I recently read an article that was just unbelievable! A pastor in Ohio planned a proposal in a hot air balloon. How romantic! The planning it must have required. The butterflies that must have been in his stomach! Well, the nerves did get to him a little and the ring he had saved “forever” to get, slipped out if his hands and fell 500 feet to the ground below. He had hidden it in his camera case and in the excitement of it all, the case just slipped.

Ring or not, he decided to move ahead with the proposal anyway and thankfully she accepted. Immediately after she said yes the search ensued! With a hunter’s prowess and a friends help, they pinpointed as best they could the location of the “the drop”. After 7 days of searching they found it!

The article mentions another story of a wedding ring mishap when a couple accidentally threw their ring in the trash. When they realized it was missing, they worked frantically to track it down at the dump and then searched through 10 tons of trash in order to find it and miraculously they did find it.

Both couples found their missing symbol for marriage and all that it promises. Both were willing to go to extreme measures to restore what was lost. They spent their time, undoubtedly had to miss work, they got dirty, they worked together, they took a break from their responsibilities because something precious was at risk: the ring that was not only expensive but also represented their love for each other.

How often do we show more regard for a ring than we do for our spouse? It is so sad to me when I see couples not showing love and respect for their mate. Not treating them as precious gifts from God. Forgetting that common bond of marriage that unites them together: for better or worse, in sickness and in health, for richer for poorer.

If the commitment in your marriage is “lost” among all of the priorities in your life, would you take the time to: 1) be honest with yourself and your spouse and realize it is missing and then 2) stop everything and make sacrifices long enough to find it again? If you haven’t treated each other the way you know you should, if your relationship stinks, if it is messy, if it has been discarded by one or both of you, will you leave it there at the dump? At the bottom of the pile of trash? Give up the search before it starts? Or will you both dig in and be willing to search for the precious thing that you lost? Are you willing to search through 10 tons of garbage to find your spouse again? Undoubtedly God was there during their searches for those rings. The odds were against them on finding either ring but He led them to it. How much more precious is your actual marriage to God than the symbol of it

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