Jennifer Knapp Returns With New Project, Surprising Announcement

Returning after a seven-year hiatus, Jennifer Knapp, the popular Christian folk rock musician and Dove Award winner, returns with her newest project entitled “Letting Go” and brings with her return the announcement that she is a lesbian.

What implications does this have on Christianity?  Will her fans boycott this mainstream project because of her announcement? Will her music find an audience in any Christian broadcast markets?

One would think it wouldn’t. However, with the numbers of denominations loosely attaching themselves to Christianity and allowing openly gay priests to fill their pulpits, it certainly gives one pause to think.

In an article by Dean Goodman posted today in Reuters online magazine, Jennifer Knapp describes her new project Letting Go as  “I just wouldn’t find it respectful at all to say, ‘Hey, this is something that you want in your store next to your Jesus statue.’ It would just be disingenuous to try and convince someone that they needed to do that.”

In that one statement, Knapp at least reveals her respect for true Christianity. She does not expect her work to share space with a representation of Jesus Christ and rightly so.

For the true Christian, the one who believes what is written in Romans 1, prayers should be lifted for Jennifer Knapp and all others who find themselves trapped in the deception of perverted Christianity. 

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  1. BigMama247 said:

    Do “true Christians” also believe that women should not be ministers? Do “true Christians” pray for the salvation of those who are in egalitarian marriages? I find it depressing that “true Christian(ity)” is defined by one’s acceptance/rejection of homosexuality.

    April 15, 2010

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