Lunchtime Links: January 27, 2010

A university professor and long-time missionary to Haiti recalls and share his experiences before, during and after the Jan. 12 earthquake.

With the growing number of pending adoption cases for Haitian children, a bipartisan move is underway in the Senate to streamline the process to stem any increased flow of human trafficking. Aid groups, including World Vision, have called for a halt to adoptions to ensure that children are truly orphaned and not separated from their families.

Founder, chairman and CEO Mark Roesler is not your average Hollywood management firm executive. What separates his CMG Worldwide from the competition is the status of their clients: Most of them are deceased.

University of Florida quarterback Tim Tebow. That ad, sponsored by Focus on the Family, shows Tebow and his mother Pam discussing her decision to give birth to him despite doctors’ advice to consider an abortion. The ad has drawn criticism from pro-choice groups, including the National Organization for Women, which has urged CBS to pull the ad from its broadcast.

President Obama‘s first State of the Union address Wednesday night, to a nation increasingly concerned about his priorities and a Congress increasingly looking toward the midterm elections, will not be the speech the president and his team once envisioned him delivering.

Apple is making its long-awaited announcement about its new tablet this afternoon, expected to add elements of the iPod and iTouch to mainstream personal computing.

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