Lunchtime Links: March 3, 2010

Speaking with a remarkable synthesized voice, film critic Roger Ebert discussed his thyroid cancer with Oprah on Tuesday.

Saturday’s 8.8. magnitude earthquake off the coast of Chile has resulted in slow going when it comes to relief efforts reaching resident in the country’s second largest city, Concepcion, which was hardest hit by the quake. The situation several other coastal areas which were impacted by the quake and the resulting tsunami is even murkier.

President Obama is adopting some Republican position in revamped health care legislation with the aim of passing it on a reconciliation vote within the next two weeks.

Kentucky Senator Jim Bunning dropped his opposition to legislation extending unemployment benefits as the bill passed Tuesday night.

The body of 17-year-old high school student Chelsea King was believed to have been found Tuesday in a shallow grave near a lake not far from her northern San Diego County home, authorities said.

Mark Becker was convicted of killing Ed Thomas, the highly successful small town Iowa football coach he murdered last summer.

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