Lunchtime Links: May 18, 2010

A Taliban suicide car bomber attacked a NATO-led military convoy during rush hour in the Afghan capital on Tuesday, killing 12 Afghan civilians and six foreign troops, including five Americans, officials said.

Military records indicate Richard Blumenthal, a candidate to replace the retiring Christopher Dodd as a Senator from Connecticut, has exaggerated and misled voters about his service during the Vietnam War.

The Supreme Court for the first time on Monday put a strict constitutional limit on prison terms, ruling it is cruel and unusual punishment to send a young criminal to prison for life with no chance for parole for a crime that does not involve murder.

Royalties from two best-selling books have spiked up President Obama’s net worth significantly, increasing his status as a multi-millionaire, according to tax records.

Laura Silsby, the leader of a group of Idaho missionaries who were jailed for trying to transport undocumented Haitian children across the border with the Dominican Republic, has been released from custody. Silsby was convicted Tuesday for travel violations and allowed to leave after her 15 weeks in prison was considered as time served.

Churches along the Mexican border have become dumping grounds for bodies of murdered victims of the raging war amongst drug cartels. The latest incident occurred this weekend when two decapitated and tortured bodies were left in front of a church in Ciudad Juarez. Bodies are left in front of churches to intimidate priests into not sharing information they have learned in the confessional with police.

The “American Idol” final 3 will take the stage tonight.

The Los Angeles Lakers blistered the Phoenix Suns in Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals as they close in on a possible repeat trip to the NBA Finals.

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