Ohio Wesleyan students belly flop for Haitian relief

There is no doubt the long-term rebuilding effort needed in Haiti is not a laughing matter. As time goes by the need is going to persist regardless of how much it remains in our collective consciousness.

With that in mind students at Ohio Wesleyan University did what collegians often do – come up with creative and slightly dangerous solutions. A handful of students raised more than $1,000 by competing in the “Belly Flop for Haitian Relief.” Faculty and students paid $2 each to watch participants do their best to make a big splash and redden a few chests.

The money went to the United Methodist Committee on Relief.

“Believe it or not, there is a proper technique to this,” Ohio Wesleyan junior Frankie Weschler told the United Methodist News Service. “You want your whole body and face to remain parallel to the water throughout the air. It doesn’t hurt less to do it this way, but it does make for a bigger splash. And, besides, what we say is we’re hurting a little so (Haitians) can hurt less.”

Give credit to the students for applying their natural tendency for sophomoric behavior to a worthy cause.

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