Pearl Harbor importance resonates nearly seven decades later

Sixty-eight years ago today world history was forever altered by the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

The power of historical events naturally diminishes as the survivors of those events die and their memories can no longer be shared first-hand. These accounts become part of the grand sweep of history and often for worse eventually become another dot on a timeline.

For example, 9/11 and the election of President Obama register as huge contemporary milestones. Will they hold the same weight in 2077 with all that happens between now and then? To assume they will would be a gross oversimplification and an overstatement of our self-importance.

It is imperative, then, we take advantage of listening to first-hand accounts of people who experienced these events when possible and catalog them for future reference. The sacrifices made nearly seven decades ago still reverberate today and as Americans we recognize those sacrifices, the same we hope future generations will recognize our accomplishments as relevant and not just another date and time from the distant past.

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