Remember The Salvation Army, Even If It Isn’t Christmastime

The temperature outside is rising, the amount of sunshine per day is nearing its peak and kids are anxiously counting down the last few weeks before summer vacation.

In other words, this is not the time of year you worry about pulling the Christmas decorations at the garage or pulling change out of your pocket to put in the red kettle at the grocery store. That does not mean, however, that the work of The Salvation Army doesn’t continue and doesn’t need continued support.

This is National Salvation Army Week, and a good time to consider the venerable evangelical non-profit. From the numerous stories and blogs we’ve written about ministries and Christian humanitarian organizations, it’s crystal clear that the middle of the year is a major dry season. Of course, this doesn’t mean the need has evaporated, just that fundraising is especially challenging.

While indicators abound that the economy is slowly turning a corner toward normalcy, unemployment remains high and the need for food assistance is still prevalent.

The Salvation Army may take center stage this week but consider giving to your favorite charity(ies) during this time when the need is pronounced even if the requests for help aren’t as apparent.

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