Sanctus Real: Christian music that rocks the house

I receive a good deal of new songs from artists and publicists.

My biggest complaint is that most of the lyrics seem to be forced and contrived. I don’t want the lyrics of a song to tell me what the writer thinks I want to hear. I want a real-life testimony. Sanctus Real delivers just that with “Forgiven.”

Forgiven” is already a Top 20 hit on the radio and out in advance of the Toledo-based band’s upcoming fifth album. It contains an interesting contrast of smooth vocal melody, banjo and rock guitar.

I became a Christian about five years ago. As a newbie to the Christian music industry, I continue to discover great talent, which has blessed the Christian industry for years. This is the first opportunity I had to realize the catalog of great songs this band has previously released.

I deeply appreciate how this band maintains its commercial appeal and still rocks the house. Most bands miss the mark and are either too commercial and cookie-cutter sounding while others miss the mark completely, too different to get an opportunity.

Sanctus Real is a well-needed, uniquely sounding band which delivers the goods. This band deserves recognition as a great band and should be around for many years to come.

I grew up despising church due to 14th century music on pipe organ. The music this band provides is the style which drew me back to the church and into Christianity. It rocks, offers relatable and relevant stories, while offering the listener an opportunity to discover Christ.

If you are new to Sanctus Real, while you’re waiting for the release of the new CD slated for March 9, 2010, download (don’t pirate… support this band and our industry), some of their previous hits. One of my newly discovered songs from a previous album is “I’m Not Alright.” Again, it’s a tasteful guitar with a contrasting sound, great vocals, lyrics and studio mix.

Turn On the Lights” is another great song, which doesn’t fit the standard Christian genre. I love the powerful vocal and strong drive.

This band is unique. Sanctus Real maintains their identity while striving to diversify each next song, yet never straying from the message

While the full album is releasing on Sparrow Records March 9, 2010, “Forgiven” is available now as a digital download wherever you buy digital music, including Amazon MP3 and iTunes, where the song became a number six best-seller on the Christian and Gospel chart.

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