Strong divisions on Obama over faith, party lines

A survey released today by the Barna Group shows growing dissatisfaction with President Obama among born-again and evangelical Christians, but deep division also remain along political lines.

According the survey, only 18 percent of evangelicals are satisfied with Obama while 69 percent are dissatisfied. Among all born-again Christians – one-fifth of whom are evangelicals and four-fifths of whom are not – the ratings differ substantially. Thirty-five percent are satisfied and 36 percent are dissatisfied.

Among adults who are not born again the President polls much better with 48 percent satisfied and 24 percent dissatisfied.

Along political lines, a majority of registered Republicans (55 percent) are born again. Among them, only 9 percent are satisfied with Obama’s performance to date, compared to 67 percent who are not. That rating is worse than the 15 percent satisfaction and 58 percent dissatisfaction found among Republicans who are not born again.

The picture is much different for Democrats, among whom 47 percent are born again. Among born-again Democrats, Obama has satisfied 62 percent and dissatisfied 10 percent. Among Democrats who are not born again Obama polls even better with 76 percent satisfaction and just 8 percent dissatisfaction.

Among political independent, 37 percent identify themselves as born-again, the lowest among the three groups in the survey. Among the born-again independents, 25 percent are satisfied and 38 percent are dissatisfied. Among independents that are not born again, 44 percent are satisfied and 21 percent are dissatisfied.

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