Teens Indicate in Survey That Faith, Marriage, Parenting Take a Back Seat

A new study released today by The Barna Group indicated surveyed teens put career and international travel aspirations ahead of faith, marriage and parenting.

The December polling of about 600 teens showed that 93 percent felt they will have graduated college by the time they are 25 years old and 81 percent said they expect to have a “great-paying” job.

From a faith standpoint, 72 percent believe they will have a close and meaningful relationship with God by their mid-20s but only 39 percent think such a relationship will definitely happen.

Starting their own families or being involved in what could be viewed as ministerial projects rank low on the priority list. Again in the “Will Definitely Happen” category, only 12 percent say they will be married, 9 percent say they will have children and 7 percent say they will regularly serve the poor in some capacity.

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