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The Testing of Franklin Graham

Al Mohler writes, “Evangelical Christians in the United States had better see a big challenge staring us in the face. Franklin Graham was disinvited by the Pentagon for making statements that are required by faithfulness to the gospel of Christ.” Continue reading.

Historic Biblical Counseling Coalition Meeting

This past week, nearly 40 leaders in the modern biblical counseling movement met in Chicago. Read about the purpose of this historic summit and a report on the activities.

Where the Millennials Find Their Religion

Fox News ( has a very interesting and somewhat sad report on where young people today are finding their “religion” and meeting their “spiritual needs”: Millennials Increasingly Find Their Religion Online (

It’s Getting Dangerous Out There

While I’ve never before listed the same blogger twice in any one week, this week I make a well-deserved exception. Speaking about the arrest of a preacher in England, Al Mohler writes, “We have seen this coming for some time now. The public space has been closing, especially when it comes to Christian speech — and especially when that speech is about homosexuality.” Continue reading.

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