Biggest Loser Finale–Prophets and Hypothesis

I had two posts prepared for today. This one and one that would say my prediction about the outcome was completely and utterly wrong. Thank goodness I can toss the latter. Eating crow doesn’t even taste good with a heap of salt.

Let me state up front that I am a complete reality show junkie (in case you haven’t noticed from my former posts…). Having watched “The Biggest Loser” since Caroline Rhea was the host, I like to think I can make an educated guess about weight loss tendency between the last taped episode and the live finale. Here’s the rule of thumb for this show: the player with the most weight still to lose at the end of last taped episode will almost invariably win. That person this season was Michael Ventrella. And, yes, he was the winner!

In past seasons, contestants have realized the threat of having a larger person in the finals and have voted them out. This season, the word on the ranch was calm. Although married couple Melissa and Lance (red team) tried to keep pushing a hefty dose of competition to every challenge, they were soon eliminated by the other players who desired peace in the house.

This type of situation reminded of a recent group study I took on the book of Habakkuk. Only three chapters long, this minor prophet packed a punch when it came to asking God for what he wanted. Problem was, God answered in a way that Habakkuk didn’t expect. Habakkuk thought he had it bad ‘on the ranch’ with current violence. When he asks God to ‘vote off’ the Chaldeans, God answers by saying ‘okay, but I’m bringing in the more horrible Babylonians to replace them’. In other words, no peace in the house for you, Habakkuk.

How did Habakkuk respond? You might be surprised. I encourage you to read over this short book of the Bible today on your coffee break. Habakkuk may have just been the first, unofficial winner of the original “Biggest Loser”.  Do you agree?

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