10 Questions I’ll Ask Jesus

When I get to heaven, I am planning on being prepared. After checking out my mansion with any rooms, trying on my crown (hopefully with many jewels) and skipping down the middle of the streets paved in gold singing “Follow the Yellow-Brick Road”, I plan to conference with the Almighty and get a few things straight.

Here’s what I have to know in order of importance:

1. Why did You create mosquitoes and what purpose do they serve? (And why do they like to bite me so much?!)

2. Is there anyone out there in the universe besides us on Earth?

3. What was Your purpose for me when I was alive and did I achieve it or even part of it? Did I make You proud?

4. Why do good guys seem to finish last, i.e. why are some born into poverty, sickness, etc.?

5. What was the deal with Hitler? Did You take a coffee break?

6. A single prayer versus corporate prayer – what are the statistics of You answering one over the other?

7. Did the disciple John refer to himself as “the one Jesus loved most” simply to get under Peter’s skin?

8. Why don’t You appear to humans as You did in the Old Testament? Are we simply unaware?

9. If I didn’t have You, what would my life have looked like?

10. Will an abundant lawn of happy dandelions ever be acceptable in the future?

My questions, of course, may not be your questions. What will you ask?

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