Thinking Through Impossibility and Low Probability

This is someone that one of my friends wrote and I thought I would share it here. Something definitely to ponder about.

The Square said, “Anyone who has seen me has seen the Cube also.”

We live in 3D space – where every object has length, breadth & height. Imagine this: If there were creatures living in a one dimensional world – all that they’ll be able to see/perceive will just be a dot or a straight line, even real objects from our 3D world will appear as straight lines to them.

Similarly if there were creatures in a two dimensional universe (X & Y axis) – in addition to dots & straight lines they can comprehend a curve or the area of any geometrical object. Objects from our real world such as a cube will only appear as a square to them they cannot by any means see or understand the cube as we know it. Therefore the image of a cube on a plane surface which is a square can rightly say to creatures in a 2D plane, “Anyone who has seen me has seen the Cube. How can you say, ‘Show us the Cube’?” (John 14:9)

How can we human beings with our finite understanding, knowledge & power, even assume to exhaustively fathom an infinite God?

It is only in Christ Jesus – an infinite God revealed Himself as a human being so that we finite human beings may at least know and pursue the heart & mind of the infinite

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